CILG-VNG International, the International Development Centre for Innovative Local Governance, is the MENA regional office of the international cooperation agency reporting to the Dutch Municipalities Association (VNGi) which opened its office in Tunis in 2012. We are a center of expertise, coaching, and development with international and national public institutions. We support the process of decentralization, and we provide consulting services in public policies and strategies, management and technical assistance. We support the State and the communes with the aim of:
– Designing and implementing state reforms on decentralization.
– Developing administrative institutions and other civil society actors actively engaged at the local level.
– Identifying, developing, approving, managing and evaluating economic projects for local development.


Protests and revolutions marking the Arab Spring are difficult to comprehend. Although their consequences are still unclear, these events have shown to the MENA region’ populations that it is possible to have a better future and to induce drastic changes on political systems. > Read more
Time will tell us the outcome in different contexts, according to their specific priorities and constraints. However, we believe that we should not just watch the emergence of new democratic processes in a passive way. We promote the pacific transition to democracy in various parts of the region, and we mainly operate actively in Tunisia, knowing that the difference between positive and negative examples will have a huge impact on the region as a whole.
One key element for the success of democratic transitions is local governance. The capacities of various political groups across the region are not well developed yet to hold the newly assigned responsibilities, induced by democratization and decentralization waves. This political transition can only be sustainable if municipalities, civil society, and the State’s deconcentrated bodies and institutions are prepared to this radical restructuring process.


We support the improvement and development of the capacities of national authorities and local and regional administrative groups, focusing on the communes, across the MENA region, while stimulating the involvement of the communities as a whole. We promote equal representation of all citizens, support continued collaboration with various public and private partners, and take advantage from all possible synergies. We help communities become as independent as possible, and make the most of their own resources and opportunities.


CILG-VNG International is strongly committed to analyzing and accommodating the actual needs of the various local contexts that are specific to each country and that have been radically transformed by the Arab Spring. From its headquarters in Tunis, we share our experiences and best practices across the borders of the region, and we are making every effort to support stable and legitimate political transitions to democracy.
This ambitious work is a true challenge; > Read morewe tackle complex situations that mark a large number of countries in the region affected by the post-revolutionary period such as Tunisia and Libya.
We are a regional subsidiary of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG-International), which has more than 20 years of experience supporting local governance in many countries and building on century-old know-how. We therefore build on the international visibility and regional expertise of CILG-VNG International.
We offer quality and innovation through our experienced professionals, and their multi-pronged approaches. This results in a more balanced and integrated approach that puts us in a privileged position.


Dr. NEILA AKRIMI General Director

CHIHEB BAIZIG Executive Director

INÈS AJMI Director of Finance

Dr. SAMI YASSINE TURKI Technical Director


The Centre