Tunisia’s Green Helmets

The “Green Helmets” is a program designed to consolidate the Tunisian authorities’ desire to improve municipal waste collection services through the mobilization of permanent teams, made up of municipal staff and persons mobilized by civil society organizations, in pilot towns in order to encourage public commitment to the efforts of municipal agents.

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The high number of detected violations and the continuous deterioration of the environmental situation, including the emergence of unregulated landfills, poses a serious threat to the living environment of the population, public health and especially tourism.

Against this background, an initiative to support a clean environment was formulated by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tunisia. Following multiple contacts with the Tunisian authorities, in charge of environmental management, a “Green Helmets” operation was considered to meet the needs of Tunisian municipalities in terms of waste management.

The pilot communes of the Green Helmets project will sign memoranda of understanding with the selected associations. The latter will ensure the mobilization of the teams who will undertake the fieldwork in collaboration with the communal agents.

The Green Helmets will play a key role in the coordination between the stakeholders in the field of environment and waste management, in the type and scope of the interventions by the municipalities and other structures, as well as in the promotion of public awareness.

  • Ministry of the Interior
  • State Secretariat for Sustainable Development
  • The municipalities of Kelibia, Bizerte, Marsa, Sousse, Tunis, Kairouan, Raoued, Kef, Sfax, Krib

This program is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tunisia

  • Environmental governance
  • Support to civil society
Tunisia’s Green Helmets