Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Program

The Local Governance and Stabilization Support Program in Libya aims to improve the organization of local government, enhance the delivery of municipal services, strengthen civil society participation in local governance and support stabilization.

Start Date 

End Date


Tunisie – Lybie

The amount allocated to this program is 3 million euros over three years.

This program has three specific objectives:

  • First objective: developing the organization of municipal labor administration
    • Support the creation process of municipalities and help them to set up an organization based on Libyan legislation and international experiences
    • Adopt strategic urban planning approaches
    • Strengthen accountability and transparency in municipal action
    • Evaluate the local governance system and make recommendations for its development.
  • Second objective: Improving service delivery by municipalities
    • Improve the level of local services
    • Improve transparency in the delivery of local services
    • Improve cross-border cooperation in services between Libyan and Tunisian municipalities
  • Third objective: Promoting civil society participation in local life and preventing conflict
    • Improve the capacity of local civil society organizations to interact with municipalities
    • Promote the participation of young people and women in local affairs
    • Organize local and regional communication and mediation procedures with the participation of municipal councils and civil society organizations

Support cooperation between municipalities and civil society organizations

Pilot Projects:

In addition to activities (workshops, training programs, field visits), 26 pilot projects are funded with grants.

These projects are implemented to develop municipal planning and strengthen service delivery, fund accountability and transparency systems as well as cross-border cooperation projects and civil society initiatives.

For more information, please visit the two following websites:

  • The partners of this program are mainly 25 Libyan municipalities distributed in all the regions of Libya and a number of civil society organizations active in the partner communes.This program is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Support to civil society
  • Support to stabilization
  • Support and capacity building of municipalities
Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Program