Libya Local Pilot Projects: strengthening local governance by supporting selected municipalities

LLPP serves as a reinforcement of the previous Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Project (LGSP, 2015-2019), funded by the European Union (EU) with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The overall objective of the Action is to contribute to strengthening and empowering local governance in Libya.

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The specific objectives of the Action are to:

  1. Improve planning and management capacities of municipalities in Libya

The municipal staff obtains a better understanding of planning methods and tools. The project is assisting the municipalities of Mesrata and Souk Al Jomaa in the elaboration of a Geographic Information System (GIS). The staff is learning by doing and will be able to use these instruments in the daily work of the municipality.

  1. Improve the service delivery of municipalities in Libya

The project is implementing activities aiming at improving the quality of the basic services. The focus will is put on i) improving access to services of higher quality for the population, ii) strengthening the institutional positioning of the municipalities vis-à-vis their population by improving performance and increasing transparency, and iii) making both staff and the locally elected more competent.   The project assists the municipalities of Hay Al Andalous, Charguia, Abuslim, and Zawya during the elaboration of strategic and operational plans for the rehabilitation of public spaces, and the creation of a park in each city.

  1. Improve the practice of communication, transparency and accountability of municipalities in Libya

An innovative tool is implemented in two municipalities in order to facilitate communication between the municipality, CSOs and citizens, improving transparency of municipal decisions, functioning and accountability. This tool is based on a web site dedicated to municipal communication with a software for the management of citizen complaints. The system enables users to make complaints and to monitor the treatment of such requests by the municipality. The project also includes the establishment of a one stop shop in the municipality, and the training of civil servants on how to communicate with citizens.

  • 8 municipalities
  • The Libyan Ministry of Local Government
  • European Union
  • Ductch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Support to the implementation of the decentralization process
  • Reinforce municipal Planning, ameliorate service delivery and enhance accountability
  • Participatory and inclusive approaches at local level
  • Integration of specific needs of women and youth
Libya Local Pilot Projects: strengthening local governance by supporting selected municipalities