Capacity Building Centre for Women and Children

It is a space for training, entertainment and knowledge for women to help them take ownership of their role as full citizens, integrated into their environment. The center also supports women’s role as mothers and assists them with consultation and services to help them develop their children’s capacities.

  • Developing women’s civic skills, informing them about their rights
  • Developing women’s physical well-being
  • Develop their ability to work and strengthen their financial independence
  • Supporting mothers in their responsibility regarding their child’s education
  • Provide children with a user-friendly space for expression and alternative learning
  • Thematic training to consolidate women’s job skills
  • Training on IT tools and the healthy use of social networks
  • Provide a fitness and wellness center for women
  • Implement a Montessori-type learning device for children
  • Organize events, family outings…

Cities with a Capacity Building Center for Women and Children are able to :

  • Federate women around a structure dedicated to them, and listens to them
  • Support women in difficult situations, and advise them
  • Disseminate a better culture of child education
  • Strengthen the link between the municipality and families

A center of this kind has been realized in the Libyan city of Zolton, with the technical and financial support of CILG-VNGI

Capacity Building Centre for Women and Children