Debate Evening: Our Women MPs Reflect on Municipal Action and Gender

Following the adoption of the Code of Local Authorities which incorporates provisions relating to equality between women and men, and the last municipal elections which allowed the election of 47% of women in the Municipal Councils, CILG-VNG International, organized on May 29, 2013, a debate evening entitled “Managing Municipalities with Women and Ensuring Equality of Rights and Opportunities“. The debate was attended by members from the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP) and representatives of government institutions, and members of civil society

This evening-debate had the following three main objectives:


  1. Put the theme of equality at the heart of the debate on upgrading the municipal action after the elections and in the perspective of decentralization.
  2. Launch the discussion on adopting a shared agenda to promote the operationalization of gender equality in the management of local affairs.
  3. Share information on good practices developed in particular by CILG-VNG International and its partners to promote equality between women and men in the management of local affairs (Annual Investment Plan on gender-Sensitive, cross-sector strategy, inclusion of women in the management of the city, local equality charters, guides …).
Debate Evening: Our Women MPs Reflect on Municipal Action and Gender