Libyan Municipalities: Citizen Service Offices Allow Proximity and Build Trust

Between 2018 and 2019, Libya Local Governance and Stabilisation Program successfully implemented two Citizen Service Offices in the Libyan municipalities of Tripoli Centre and Zolten. The total budget for the construction of the two Ctizen Service Offices is 58,421.00 euros.

Proximity and efficiency are the aims of these spaces created mainly to improve the relationship between the municipality and citizens through the strengthening of the principles of transparency and accountability. Citizen Service offices strengthen local democracy, as they put citizens at the center of the municipal affairs, endorse communication and information flows between the citizens and the municipal administration and officials, and ensures the delivery of complete, simple, and timely information.

The two main characteristics of any citizen space are manifest; a friendly and welcoming atmosphere through the creation of a pleasant waiting room, well equipped, and accessible to everyone.

Fast and quality assistance by a single official for all types of services: urban administration, filing complaints, filling applications for building permits, and/or any other request for information.

This approach allows a more advanced interaction and processing of demand through the application of the management of these offices.

In this respect, Najeh Ben Younes, Grant Manager of this program, states that “the realization of these Citizen Service Offices in Libyan municipalities has made it possible to create a new climate of transparency and trust between the municipality and the citizens, for better service delivery.”

The implementation process of these spaces has gone through several stages. The realization includes developing a web application for the management of the citizen office, conducting workshops of diagnosis of the state of municipal services, and the creation of a modern architectural concept oriented towards more effective communication, rather than the windows that separate the agents of the municipality from the citizens.

The Libya Local Governance and Stabilisation Program is implemented by the International Development Centre for Innovative Local Governance. This program, funded by the European Union with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ended on 12 June 2019 at a national conference in Tunisia.

Libyan Municipalities: Citizen Service Offices Allow Proximity and Build Trust