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You are invited to our Side Event “Cities for all and for all” which will take place on Friday, April 26, 2019. This is a panel that will take place on the sidelines of the Tunis Forum on Gender Equality. This panel is part of the “Program for Inclusive Municipal Leadership” initiated by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with the support of World Affairs Canada and implemented in Tunisia by CILG-VNG Internationa. The event will provide an assessment of the first year of exercise of elected municipal officials in Tunisia, around several questions and are:
• What are the concrete challenges faced by municipal elected representatives since their arrival?
• What initiatives are considered successful by elected women to meet challenges, improve the situation of women in their municipalities and in the city, and to promote gender equality?
• What are the possible solutions to be explored, in particular to:
◦ promote the principles of gender equality in the Municipal Councils and the municipal administration?
◦ promote the development of municipal public spaces and facilities sensitive to gender equality?
• To this end, what support can be expected from associations of municipalities, civil society and other actors?

The program:

Welcoming participants and welcome cocktail

14h00- 14h15: Cross presentation of the pannel by CILG-VNG International and the FCM

14-15-14h30: Presentation of the summary elements of the meetings held with the municipal elected representatives organized in 2018 and 2019 by CILG-VNG International and its partners

14h30-15h15: Testimonies on the situation and the contribution of elected women to the management of local affairs
◦ Speeches / Testimonies of Ms. Souad Abderrahim and Ms. Vicki Hamm, Presidents of FNVT and FCM
Testimonials of two municipal elected representatives:
▪ Mrs. Marwa Dridi, Mayor of Menzel Abderrahmen
▪ Ms. Soumaya El Ouerfelli President of the Municipal Commission Gender Equality of the Municipality of Nabeul
◦ Testimony of a representative of the Civil Society, member of the Municipal Council of Fondouk Jedid

15h-15-15h45. World Café session on the elements of assessment and possible solutions and actions for the integration of gender in municipal action: facilitator Dr. Neïla Akrimi, DG of CILG-VNG International

15h45-16h00: Presentation of a drawing that will be made during the meeting by the artist Nadia Khiari aka “Willis From Tunis” on the course of the municipal elected and closing.